, Is StarDrive 2, Worth Playing ?

Is StarDrive 2, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

StarDrive 2 fails in no significant areas, and while it doesn’t succeed in any either, its not a poor game and on paper is an excellent title, the problem is, however, there isn’t a need for it to exist.

The Nerdy Cousin.

Galactic Civilizations 3 and Masters of Orion are vastly better games with larger fan bases, and better lore, it was an uphill battle for Stardrive to break into the genre and while its done reasonably well for itself, evident by the sequel existing at all, its barely pulling half the players of Masters of Orion 1 (released 22 Nov 1996), clearly the players have spoken, they don’t feel the need for more titles in the genre that don’t bring something new or unique to the table..

What is it like?

Its the standard modern space 4x title, it is merely indistinguishable from many other challengers for the 4x space throne, it’s not a poor title, the developers are not lazy, inadequate or greedy, its just not worth buying, as it provides no real gameplay edge over any other 4x space title.

Worth a buy?

Buy Galactic Civilizations 3 instead.

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