Ring of Elysium: The best F2P Battle Royale on Steam.

Ring of Elysium: The best F2P Battle Royale on Steam.
Battle Royale, Early Access, Free To Play PC

A Smooth Criminal.

Stealing the 4th place and unlikely to drop much or rise at all, this is the fate of Ring of Elysium, without the muscle to dislodge Fortnite, PuBG or CoD Blackops 4, Roe looks unlikely to break into the top 3, but with only Battlefield V Battle Royale left to truly challenge it, it seems to be in for a life cycle in the 4th/5th place of the genre, not a bad place to be in such a popular genre, with a daily peak CCU of over 50k its doing incredibly well, boring stuff aside, how does it play?

Edge of Glory.

The gameplay of RoE is exceptionally solid, latency has not been a huge issue since launch week and the gunplay is on par with Fortnite/PuBG, the snow theme is fantastic and until season 7 of fortnite drops today was the only snow themed Battle Royale we had, but with ziplines, skiing and snow coming to coming to season 7 Fortnite Battle Royale its small edge will erode, is what remains good enough to keep a playerbase?

Rumour has it/ Someone like you.

H1Z1 surely is quaking in its poor dead boots, with a tiny dedicated CCu finally a true challenger to its high speed free BR experience is on steam, with almost nothing left to brag about, rumour has it that many will find Roe to be like H1Z1 enough to finally kill off one of the first mainstream BR, with its PlayStation monopoly about to be destroyed by the launch of PuBG on Ps4, the last days of H1Z1 may be upon us.

Worth a play?

Absolutely, i would even suggest buying some of the cosmetics to support the devs as its a very solid BR and one which is a great replacement for the fading H1Z1.

*Bonus points to all those who noticed every sub title was a song performed by Santana on Glee*

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