Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that…

Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that…
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Its Deep.

Stranded Deep is an open world survival game like so many others, however what sets it apart is the depth of crafting and survival aspects, picking up coconuts isn’t a simple slot and snack ordeal, from climbing trees to cutting it open, there are a few more steps involved with everything you do.

Crafting also shares this philosophy with multiple stages being required to produce most items, this adds a deeper level of immersion which for a game with very little danger is a huge benefit, the game looks pretty good despite aging and showing that age and while controls are a little janky, its overall a very solid game and one fans of the genre would enjoy.. there however is always a big but.

And Stranded.

And that big but is.. the development progress is slow, i first played the game at release and returning back to it nearly 3 years later, I see some progress, and less bugs certainly, but overall it feels the same, it’s not ready and wont be ready for a long time to come.

Worth a buy?

The developers have made a solid, game , but I suggest buying now if you are interested, as by the time its “ready” the engine and graphics will be very dated, enjoy it for what it is now and enjoy the journey, but don’t wait till the end of its journey to pick up this immersive survival simulation.

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