Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one.

Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one.
Early Access, Survival Games, Third Person Shooter PC


Yes Snail games the greatest evil since Emperor Palpatine because… no one is sure but normally it includes Reddit REEee about they are making money (that’s what a successful business does, making money = more development = more games for us) or for releasing a game into early (alpha) access that is.. of alpha quality.. shocking i know.. when will devs learn and start releasing finished/bug free games into a program that allows early access to alpha/unfinished builds for bug testing. oh wait..

Ark without Dinosaurs or Arks?

Pretty much, but it also feels a bit like a much prettier 7 Days to Die and a cousin of  H1Z1 Just Survive, gameplay is fluid, crafting makes sense and overall the progression is pretty balance, while there are some falling through texture and floating issues, however this is to be expected for an early access build.

Worth a buy?

if you miss Just survive or simply want to try a different take on the Zombie survival sandbox genre, this title is very fairly priced and is a whole lot of fun, melee combat and ranged feel equally rewarding.

I am a huge fan of the ability to catch the zombie virus, and dead players return as tougher walkers which adds a whole new layer of immersion as you see you friend staggering around mindlessly.

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