, Is Jurassic World Evolution, Worth Playing ?

Is Jurassic World Evolution, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

I liked it, but I also didn’t.

Jurassic World Evolution barely qualifies as a game, in the same way, banished and Anno hardly qualifies as games, while the latter adds at least a deep economic side, Jurassic World Evolution is left feeling overall like watching a massive Ant farm that occasionally pokes you to do something.

What gameplay there was, is excellent, graphics and score are gorgeous and overall it’s a quality title with a wide array of tweaking possible, but that is basically all there is to the game, the economics side is rather simple, with near-endless money possible only by selling fossils and photos, it provides little threat or challenge long-term.

The Dinosaur AI is astonishingly good and offers some of the best life simulation AI of any title I have played in recent memory.

I will play again, but I also won’t.

While I will return to the game and tweak and breed to my heart’s content new and at times fascinating dinosaur species, it’s not really a game, more like a simulation that dressed up as one.

Excellent for what it is, but what it is isn’t an excellent game.

If you want one of the highest quality Jurassic park titles on the market, then you cannot go wrong with this title, that being said look at it more as a simulation/ant farm than a title that provides a real challenge.

Worth a Buy?

Not for everyone, but for those who want a simulation on steroids this won’t let you down, it’s a solid title that despite flaws still manages to come out on top.

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