Repopulation: Too little, too late, Too much Drama.

Repopulation: Too little, too late, Too much Drama.
What Went Wrong? PC

Repopulation was one of the first games i backed and not a lowbie tier either, i had backed it to the largest package allowed on site, over a dozen of my guild also bought gold packages, we were going to build a city, we had prepared who would learn what craft and who would focus combat, we would raid the enemy, do Pve and Pvp and instead we got.. this mess.

Strike 1

The original version of the game to grace steam was, bare bones and awful at best, while it showed some promise, and combat was rather good, NPC were a mess, the game was a lag fest and overall it looked very much  “Generic Indie MMORPG 1”.

Crafting was more promise than substance, but wasn’t overall a bad system.

The game saw some development, poorly designed areas like the intro were replaced and deformed naked NPC grew less, yet soon Strike 2 would hit.

Strike 2

Hero Engine Strikes back, no one particularly wanted the game on hero engine but it was what it was,m then the drama started, while i wont take sides clearly the Repopulation Devs or HE were lying as both sides accused the other of fraud, the game was taken offline and a ghastly replacement was given to backers while the main game was migrated to unreal engine 4, finally a solid engine.. but.. then all development stagnated, clearly the flop that was Fragmented showed the community and the devs the same thing, the Devs didn’t have the skill needed to land this ship.. Strike 3.

Strike 3

The Devs announced they sold the project to the owners of Hero engine Idea Fabrik.. seriously after near a year of telling us how awful and unfair they were, they expected us to be happy they sold the project we backed to Idea Fabrik whom had been portrayed as “near bankrupt” and “frauds” for near a year.

Idea Fabrik have made efforts to restructure the game, but an aging and often derided engine offer little hope for the game ever being more than mostly dead indie garbage, its a shame as its a solid game concept, simply one that Hero Engine cannot support.

Drama Llama

The drama between Idea Fabrik and the Devs did nothing to assure buyers the game was being professionally managed, whoever was to blame (and I take no side) the whole affair was a shameful from the start.


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