Atlas : Highs Seas or Low Expectations?

Atlas : Highs Seas or Low Expectations?
Early Access, Survival Games PC

A lot of Promise, a Long way yet to go.

We will get into the controversy later, for right now lets look at the game itself, with a sailing system which while not surpassing, does rival Sea of Thieves, a taming system that i feel while different is better than Ark Survival’s and a building system that is close to equaling the majestic system of Conan Exiles.

Atlas pushes a lot of right buttons  and a few wrong ones along the way, like any early access game it will have its bugs and already those bugs have cost me 3 bears and a rhino, that being said its Early access and these bugs Are to be expected, if you don’t expect them its best you wait for a full release as you will be disappointed and feel the urge man baby all over the forums and reddit.

The ship building system alone is something few games offer to this level of perfection and steam workshop support has me excited to see what modders bring, already we have new ship types and much more!

Personally the game excites me, but continue reading to see why this game could tie with Fallout 76 for most controversial game of 2018!


Negative Nancy

Atlas is a controversial game to be sure and despite having a very strong ccu of 20-30k depending on the day of the week, it sits in the mire of mostly negative reviews, while some (around 2 in 10) of those reviews are warranted, many simply are a mix of trolling, poor judgment, user error or plain fiction.

Valid Negative Reviews

Atlas not performing x hardware that meet specs: Paying a bundle of cash for a gaming rig only to have games underperform when your specs are far beyond requirements is cause of a negative review, and it’s perfectly valid to leave a negative review until Devs address this, however it’s also expected to change your review when Dev’s do their part and fix the issue.

Griefing/Rollbacks on Official Servers: while this reflects more on the community on those servers, hacking, exploiting and rollbacks are a pain in the butt and no one wants them, however the devs have been quick to try and address this, its not enough but they are trying at least still its a valid negative review.

Grind on Official: the game is clearly based around larger companies and as such its a painful grind on official servers, game are supposed to be fun, not full time jobs, and while devs have promised to address this in a later update(March or April) its still for now a valid reason.

Invalid Negative Reviews

This is Just Ark Survival Evolved DLC: No it is built off a fork of Ark, entirely different and anyone involved in serious development will tell you this is 100% common practice to base a spin off/sequel off a fork of the original

This was supposed to be part of the Ark Survival Evolved Season pass: From day 1 everyone was told what the Ark Season pass would contain, and Atlas was never part of it, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction were promised and we got exactly that, those spreading these lies are 1) trolls 2) fools 3) Didn’t even read the description of season pass when they purchased it.

Its a Cash Grab: Wildcard have continued to update Ark with free and paid updates consistently since launch and already in 1 month Atlas has received 18 major patches.

Random Wildcard Hate: We get it, after 3.5k hours you are bored of Ark and feel you deserve your $20 back, its a stupid reason and stinks of entitlement.

Launch Day Issues: Atlas launch day was very poor, just like every MMO and Survival game, leaving negative feedback or rather leaving and then not updating once launch issues fixed is childish and poorly thought out.

Launch Day Delays: Seriously it was like a week, grow up and go outside for some fresh air, you hadn’t even paid for the game at this point!

Worth a buy?

If you are looking for a fun survival game which shows more promise than any released in the last 5 years you cannot go wrong, I thought nothing would ever beat Ark for me, but Atlas just feels that much more polished even in its early stages.

That being said I suggest finding a good community server, and not playing on the overcrowded and grindy official servers until more issues are dealt with.

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