Heat: Not Exactly Selling like Hotcakes.

Heat: Not Exactly Selling like Hotcakes.
Early Access, Refuses to Die, Survival Games PC

Saying it up front, wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

Might as well start the review off with the facts, it’s better to wait 18 months or so and play RDR2, however if you cant wait to get your rawhide on, lets take a look at code}{atch latest early access attempt.

For the purpose of this review we will not over focus on the failure of starforge or the less than steller track record Reign of Kings, the Devs have managed to launch a better product this time and  Edison failed hundreds of times trying to make a lightbulb, maybe 3rd time the charm for Code}{atch?

How is it?

The gameplay is standard unity fare, i wish i could say more but its true they all play and feel alike, the breeding system is fun, the weapons are solid, the map is rather nice but clearly a unity map, they just all feel the same and lack the beauty of unreal engine games.

The addition of NPC player armies does add a nice aspect many of these games lack, so that is one aspect i feel they did a great job at including.

It’s not a bad game and if you buy it and find a good community server you will have fun, that being said i would avoid the official servers for now as these games become a hive of cheaters very fast.

Why oh Why Unity?

Unity is not a poor engine it is however a poor choice for survival games with custom characters, single player story focused games like Praey for the Gods have made a masterpiece with it, survival games pretty much all suffer janky animations and awful models, even the grandad of the survival genre Rust with its large playerbase is not exactly the best looking game on the market, if not for its immensely good mechanics and being one of the first on the market, it would be another failed niche title.

What is Dead may never die.

While the CCU is small, it is a community server focused game and community and RP servers will carry on long after the official servers are turned off.

Worth a buy?

Only if you are desperate to play a cowboy themed online game right now, and cannot wait till RDR2 on pc.

In closing i will say its the best effort so far by this dev team and bodes well for their growth as a team.

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