, Is Apex Legends, Worth Playing ?

Is Apex Legends, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Let us get the elephant out of the room.

Let us get to the big question people are asking all over the web, will Apex legends kill Fortnite?

And let’s be honest while Fortnite one day won’t be the global phenomenon it continues to be, Apex Legends won’t kill the titan, that being said Fortnite has a serious contender in Apex, and that is great for gamers as iron sharpens iron, Apex and Fortnite will continuously strive to please and retain their shared userbase in effort to maintain the most substantial % of the BR market.

But it could Kill classic Titanfall.

Just as Fortnite: Save the World, has become the middle management college roommate of the CEO that is Fortnite: Battle Royale, Titanfall 3 will either be radically different to appeal to its new Battle Royale Fanbase or it will not come at all.

I love classic Titanfall and there will always be a place for the game in many fans hearts, Money is the driving force behind Publishers (and by extension Developers), whatever comes will either need to milk the Apex fan base or will have a significantly reduced multiplayer aspect, to not pull from the cash cow that is Apex Legends.

With Apex Legends being so large, no matter how well Titanfall 3 did, it would always be the “dead cousin” of Apex legends, paid titles with a few exceptions simply cannot get the userbase of free games, even with huge ( and excellent) games like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Call of Duty Black Ops IV:Blackout.

Is Apex Legends any good?

Its excellent, not merely mechanically or graphically, but overall marketing, launch and business model are perfect, having learned clearly from the successes of Fortnite and Overwatch, Apex has avoided the pitfall of almost every other BR to launch in the last 12 months, and the results are as we predicted in a former editorial, a strong IP + Free to Play model will still bring resounding success in a very competitive genre.

Future for Apex Legends?

It’s going to be very bright for certain, one of the most promising BR titles, while it won’t kill any of the other big names, it’s certainly going to pull from them, right now I would say PlayerUnknowns Battleground is most at risk as the sub-genres overlap, more parents would allow their child to play the mostly violence-free Fortnite: Battle Royale than Apex Legends with its more realistic violence.

I can see it adding a greater choice of modes/limited-time modes, as honestly while I love squads, I know many people simply will not touch group modes.

I can also see a wider choice of characters, to expand not only upon skill diversity, but add some diversity to player appearances such as more human races, cyborg, or non-humanoid characters to allow for some truly unique player models.

What will happen 12 months from now?

All the current contenders will still be around, many of the smaller BR will have finally shuttered or changed focus entirely, BFV Firestorm, will have some niche success but will not shake up the rankings, Blackout will have spun off to a free/cheaper product to boost its numbers and migrate more to sustainable business model to offset the costs of its continued success.

Fortnite, Apex Legends and PubG will lead the genre numbers-wise, and Rings of Elysium will offer a good showing, despite not breaking into the big three at any time.

Worth a Play?

100% yes if you like Titanfall, Overwatch or Battle Royale genre, it’s a stunningly good game which catches you from the first game and makes you want to play more.

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