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Review: Halo Wars: Definitive Edition : Surprisingly Good for a console RTS

Microsoft was the king of RTS.

When you look back at some of the Microsoft published RTS games of the late 90s and early 00’s you see a quality of gameplay that frankly isn’t seen much anymore, while there are new RTS and they all look much prettier than these golden era games, yet they all lack the soul that games produced in the 90s and early 00s had in abundance, from stories and heroes you actually cared about to units that felt awesome to deploy, it was a great time to be an RTS gamer and frankly a time i miss.

A Glimmer of Hope.

With games like Age of Empires 4 rumors to still be in development and Halo Wars 2 still receiving small updates, I hope to see a revival of the genre, if AOE4 is a huge success it may trigger return of other great franchises like Empire at War,Empire Earth, Dawn of War(we won’t discuss the near total disaster which was DoW3)

After All the rambling, we finally get to Halo Wars.. is it any good?

Yes it its, if you played games during the golden age you know exactly what to expect, if you didn’t then sit down and hold onto your mouse, it’s going to be a quick tour, expect dated visual, decent graphics for the time, fantastic voice acting, well written simple player campaign modes that were more than simple skirmish matches with a weak story, cut scenes that actually relate to the story and bonus objectives that encouraged discovering every far flung corner of the map.

While Halo Wars as a console port does not reach the heights that PC RTS did in this era its a solid title and one that is 100% worth a buy for fans of RTS from the golden age.

While multiplayer matchmaking is near dead this handy discord can help you find all the matches you could ever need!

Xbox Game Pass.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, is part of Xbox Game Pass, an ever-growing catalogue of over 100 games that is a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games, including day one access to all Microsoft first party titles, for just a few dollars a month.

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