Pantropy : Déjà vu

Pantropy : Déjà vu
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While reading this review the astute among you will recognize its almost a cut and paste of my Heat review, and for good reason, both games suffer the same flaws and oddly released within 24 hours of each other!

Doomed to Die?

Pantropy is not a bad game and if you buy it and find a good community server you will have fun, that being said i would avoid the official servers for now as these games become a hive of cheaters very fast.

The idea was a good one, and on a better engine such as Unreal Engine 4 and a little more dev time it would have been a success as it stands it will slowly wither before dying entirely.

Why oh Why Unity?

Unity is not a poor engine it is however a poor choice for survival games with custom characters, single player story focused games like Praey for the Gods have made a masterpiece with it, survival games pretty much all suffer janky animations and awful models, even the grandad of the survival genre Rust with its large playerbase is not exactly the best looking game on the market, if not for its immensely good mechanics and being one of the first on the market, it would be another failed niche title.

What is Dead may never die.

While the CCU is small, it is a community server focused game and community and RP servers will carry on long after the official servers are turned off.

Worth a buy?

Only if you are desperate to play a Mech themed survival games, simply buying Ark Survival Evolved and grinding to tech age gives you a much better sci fi survival experience on the Extinction DLC map.

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