Homefront: The Jankiest of Janky Games

Homefront: The Jankiest of Janky Games
Single Player, What Went Wrong? PC

A tale of Raw chicken

Most people enjoy the delicious crisp and juicy taste of some good fried chicken, dripping with juices and oil its one of the world most beloved foods, enjoyed by hundreds of millions world-wide in dozens of forms, raw chicken however is another story, the food of fools and animals, a quick trip to the ER or worse grave, it’s not on most peoples list when it comes to good eating!

Homefront is raw chicken, with a bit more time it could have had us smacking our lips and wanting more, as it is a 5 hour campaign with some of the worst animation cycles i have ever seen leaves a bitter taste in gamer’s mouths world-wide.

Its not all bad.

The story while cut short wasn’t bad, and while the ending shows clearly there was more to come plot wise, they simple never finished the tale and while i will avoid spoilers its clear the main reason WHY the resistance risked everything to rescue you was cut from the game, leaving you with a rather bizzare feeling of “why am i even here?”

Forget invisible walls, we have fridges.

At times devs need to keep us straying too far ahead of the npc we follow or away from areas saved for later in the plot, i get that, but did we really need to use fridges to block every single pathway, fridges we could have easily pushed aside ourselves yet somehow needed to wait for our npc follower to move it for us?

Jank Dance

The way npcs struggle to walk through doors is beyond janky, its become almost an art form, characters get stuck on door frames and shimmy around for 1-3 minutes at times till their pathing corrects itself, its so bad its funny.

Gun battles are surprisingly good

One of the few bright spots is enemy AI are not entirely braindead and will take cover, toss grenades, try to flank you, will lay down covering fire, while its not jawdropping it made firefights feel at least a threat from start to finish, playing Rambo will just get you killed here, duck and shoot is the only real way to progress past the most simple of enemies.

Multiplayer is dead.

Yeah, i am not going to talk about the multiplayer mode its dead Jim.

Worth a buy?

What little of the story there is plays our rather well and offers a look at a rarely seen future, one where the usa is the underdog and under occupation, characters are likable and gun-play is solid, that being said there is too much else wrong with the game to be worth more than a few quid.

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