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Review: Total War Warhammer: Realm of the Wood Elves : Short and Sweet

I am a huge fan of Total War Series, and honestly combining Total War with the Warhammer universe is something a fantasy nerd like me really gets excited about, that being said while loving the title I had never even tried the Wold elves Race or Campaign despite owning both, this is my review of my first play through of the Wood Elf Campaign as Orion King of the Woods!

How does it Feel?

We All know its gonna look like Total War, so lets skip that and jump into the feel, its feels authentic, the elvish units fit perfectly into how we perceive the fantasy race would act, elegant, graceful, powerful, few in number, yet resilient and strong to the last elf, the animations are gorgeous, the units diverse and intriguing, I found myself having to adapt to new strategies to fit the more tactical and glass cannon nature of my elvish forces.

Hows the Story?

The story is standard fantasy fare, evil undead, magic elves, greedy yet noble, humans, it’s not bad and plays well for a short campaign, but overall its pretty generic fantasy, I did enjoy the demigod Orion however, the only thing I felt out-of-place was the adviser was profoundly human and looked like a sore thumb among tree people and elves.

Worth a buy?

For the campaign alone, not unless its on sale, as I finished it in under 3 hours, I am experienced at Total War games and Auto resolved any tedious (90% victory chance to me etc) battles or clear slaughters(90% against me) and only played those battles where I was outnumbered 2-1 or on equal footing, a standard play through should take around 6 hours so unless you really want to play the race in the main campaign (I feel they would be great for the main campaign), it may be worth waiting till steam sales to pick up this DLC.

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Platforms: PC

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