Homefront Revolution: One of the best games you never played!

Homefront Revolution: One of the best games you never played!
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Homefront Revolution was a far better sequel than Homefront deserved, yet gamers don’t forget easy and Homefront while not being entirely awful sucked in several and diverse ways, if you want to read our blunt but fair review of Homefront look here.

To read what we though of the sequel, read on!

Not Far Shy of Far Cry

Ubisoft and especially the Far Cry games are te king of open world first person shooters and very few come close to challenging them, honestly a little more humor and Homefront could easily pass for a gritty Urban Far Cry, which is no surprise as crytek created the first Far Cry game! and their engine is by Homefront Revolution.

While the world feels more constricted than that of Far Cry, the city is large enough for 15+ hours of game play, while not massive its on par with other story based open world games.

Great story

The Story while being standard action movie far was solid and kept me wanting to see it through to the end, the characters had some depth and some like Dana Moore were exceptionally good.

Customization Maximization

The ability to customize your weapons with the aid of kits is a real game changer, need a bit of area control? swap out your assault rifle kit for a light machine gun, need more range? add-on a scope, laser sight? barrel grip? perhaps you want to turn your rifle into a mine launcher, well you can! overall the weapons system is one of the best i have seen in any game, the crossbow is awesome and i couldn’t put it down one i unlocked it.

The guerrilla tools are also really well though out, from remote hacking tools, to Remote control cars armed with Molotov cocktails to teddys which contain explosive devices, the KPA may out gun the resistance, but ingenuity of the Resistance keeps the massive firepower of the KPA in check!

Worth a buy?

While it’s certainly not a perfect game its far better than it was given credit for, the mulitiplayer modes are mostly dead but do provide a little post campaign activity, personally I found the Story and DLC Missions alone to be worth the purchase price.

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