Epic Store Update PC

But they are evil.. cos.. umm something?!

There is a vocal (and incorrect) subculture of the pc gaming community who hate on Epic store for competing with steam, for buying exclusives, for not having reviews, in this article we will break down the complaints and reactions, and see who is right and wrong in this war between Steam Sub-Reddit and Epic Store.

Smart people do smart things.

Securing Exclusives: Giving developers a more significant cut, users more significant discounts, and providing cash upfront to developers to give more polish/stability to releases vs Complaining by r/steam that they now need to have two launchers.. yeah point 1 to Epic Store.

No Community Forums: Steam Community forums are a cesspit, I am not only glad Epic doesn’t have forums, but I wish that steam would close theirs. Point 2 to Epic.

No User Reviews: Honestly I like reviews when the reviews are real reviews and not man babies/misguided crying over Denovo.

Steam and Epic should have reviews, they should be highly moderated and review bombs, and false information should result in the users being banned from posting reviews in future. This point goes to no one, and both sides are equally wrong.

Dumb people do dumb things.

Refusing to buy an Epic Exclusive: if you were going to buy it before, then to not buy it now is petty, another point to Epic Store.

Review Bombing games: Review bombing a publisher’s other games for choosing epic over steam is such a petty act I am deducting a point from r/steam users for it.


Epic while not perfect has improved, for my most recent refund request it was entirely handled in under 15 minutes, much better than my disaster linked below, both Steam and Epic store are excellent, as are uPlay, Origin, Battlenet, Bethesda launcher etc., seriously its time gamers of r/steam grew up, having a few extra launchers doesn’t hurt anyone, and to pretend it does is juvenile.


Final Score

  • Epic Store 3+
  • r/Steam -1

The not So Epic Store.

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