Outlaws of the old East, Is Outlaws of the old West, Worth Playing  in 2019?
Is Outlaws of the old West, Worth Playing in 2019?

Same old Story “China #1.”

Outlaws of the Old West was showing great promise, its userbase was growing by the day, and reviews while only mixed were leaning towards an overall positive tone, and then… the Chinese came.

Don’t get me wrong this is nothing about race, I know many Chinese Americans, Chinese from Europe, parts of Asia etc. who would never cheat, but it’s not racism to see what is right in front of you, opening up a game to mainland China results in a flood of cheaters.

Outlaws lost around half of its CCU within hours of them showing up, and while the devs are addressing this, I fear short of region locking the servers, there is no other way to stem the tide of hackers and cheaters coming from China.

A Solid Start.

The Launch of Outlaws of the Old West went smoothly when compared to many Survival game launches, and while its very much an early product with sparse content, what little is there shows care, attention and skill on behalf of the developers, the game offers some slim PvE, but as with all survival games PvP is the main draw of the title.

Right now PvP feels futile, while you can raid bases, you are unable to take the loot, instead, it’s only raiding for the sake of raiding, I am sure this will be addressed in time, but for right now don’t go into this expecting rust levels of raiding.

Good, Bad and Ugly.

The building parts are fantastic, and I love the realistic design of them, that being said the building UI itself is the worst I have seen, its UI is needlessly slow and reminds me of clumsy early attempts at building games I hope they rip it out and replace it with the UI used in Atlas, the best building UI I have ever seen in any survival game to date.

The world is pretty, the buildings very pretty, the characters, however, are “wax-like” moving corpses and honestly let the game down, I found them distractingly bad and not fitting with the rest of the world.

Worth a buy?

It’s an excellent game, and I am sure it will develop into something special if they can control the hacker problem and make PvP more rewarding, that being said I would only buy it if you know what you are getting and are ok with what’s there right now.

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