10 games you probably will never play in 2019.

10 games you probably will never play in 2019.
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1) WeakWood Throne

Weakwood throne is a very pretty game that aesthetically reminds me of the old Playstation Harvest moon titles, while game play is nothing like Harvest moon the overall vibe is very much mid to late 90s, game-play wise it is close to a old school Zelda meets open world RPG, the combat system is functional but not my cup of tea, overall a mixed bag and one that does have a distinct hint of RPGMaker flavor, even if it was not created by the dreaded RPGmaker script.

While its not for everyone, I certainly feel for the price its worth a play for most gamers!


2) Guardians of David

This game was like eating a bowl of ice cream and finding someone added sardines, what was good was great, but there were some really odd design choices, and in the case of Guardians of David it was the pointless filler missions and forced character selection, some character (the archer) REALLY sucked, however the overall story and the rest of the characters were very much an enjoyable experience and equal to that of Diablo 3 quality wise, it’s a mixed bag for certain but worth a play, if you can get through the boring filler you will find a solid and enjoyable aRPG.

3) Gloria Victus

Gloria Victus is a decent RvR pvp game reminiscent of the PvP modes from ESO, however unlike ESO, Gloria Victus suffers from a very low CCU, and honestly that’s a shame, its a solid game and one which a lot of people would enjoy if they gave ti a chance while quests are simplistic, the combat is solid, character models fair, world design attractive and the dedication by the development team is admirable, still working on improving the game, despite 500-600 player peak CCU

4) Dead Age

While the game is rendered in 3D graphics its is very much a choose your own adventure game, of the variety which were popular in the late DOS era, and even before then in book format, the game-play is simple yet engaging, and while the story is pretty generic, it’s very much worth a play for those who would like to sample a slightly different take on the Zombie Apocalypse genre.

Combat is simple and of the turn based variety, but that being said it feels smooth and oddly not out-of-place in a thematic genre (zombies) dominated by fast paced combat.

5) Dirty Bomb

 Dirty bomb would be one of the better shooters if not for excellent shooters like Rainbow siege 6, as it stands its still a solid, but fading title with a small, but stable CCU, while the gameplay, graphics and free to play system is fair, its glory days are behind it, that being said i still recommend fans of the shooter genre to give it a try, if only to have no regrets when it finally passes, as it is for all its faults, a very solid and well made first person shooter,.

6) Mercenary Kings

 A great game to play on a controller, a rather sucky one to play without it, Mercenary kings is a fantastic homage to the days of retro couch co-op, while there maybe prettier games on steam, you will struggle to find one which provides a better couch co-op experience.

The Art style is reminiscent of the late 16bit era, one of the best times for 2D side scrollers!

7) Puzzle agent.

While Puzzle agent wont be winning any awards for cutting edge graphics, it is a profoundly fun, if a little simple at times puzzle game, due to the closing of TellTale games we are unlikely to get anymore, but the simple 70’s style cartoon graphics make this game a rare and enjoyable addition to anyone who has a soft spot for “puzzle book” puzzles!

While the investigation was simple, it added a layer of fun to the game that “walmart bargain bunker” puzzle games never have.

8) Cross of the Dutchman

If you want a solid aRPG then you play Diablo, Grim Dawn or Path of the Exile, Cross of the Dutchman while being decent is a very janky affair and one which would be better suited on sites like “Big Fish Games” that being said, i actually enjoyed the game and intend to return to it, to see it through to the end, the plot is simple, graphics solid but aging, and combat while not ground breaking is pretty good for what it is.

Very much worth a play for fans of “Diablo-like” games!

9) Beyond Sol

Beyond sol is a classic “excellent space indie” in the vein of the titles which flooded the market in the late 00s and early 10s, they were never cutting edge, but even now nearly a decade later the graphics and mechanics these games utilized have remained relatively the same, allowing games such as Beyond Sol to fit in seamlessly with a decade of solid indie space titles while the game is not without fault, fans of space strategy games who want a break from the big name titles wont regret giving Beyond Sol a chance.


10) Defend the highlands

Ok To be honest this game ticks every box in the indie garbage category, and yet, its my favorite indie game of all time, its quirky, tacky, really cheap looking and plays like a playstation 1 title with early PC graphics, and yet I love it, I simply found it engaging, funny, and at times challenging, the battles that took place were really exciting in later levels and required a lot more strategy than you would think for such a simple looking title.

100% worth a buy for those strategy gamers who are willing to try something a little different.

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