Review: Far Cry 5 Season Pass : What a Disaster! PC

This review must be understood to be coming from a writer who loves the Far Cry series, someone who finds Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn to be some of the greatest games in the last 20 years, that being said the Far Cry 5 season pass DLC goes from tedious to dismal, and we shall look today at why each is so bad, and what should have been done differently.

Hours of Darkness

This was the best of the 3, despite being short it was semi-open world and contained some small elements of crafting, that being said the entire DLC takes around 2 hours, the characters are forgettable, and all are interchangeable.

It’s worth a playthrough if you own the Season Pass, but I would never have bought it if I had known how bad the rest of the pass was!

Lost on Mars

I love Hurk, so this should have been the DLC for me, but sadly it was a mix of ghastly map, awful jump puzzles and a ruined characterization of Hurk, now we know Hurk isn’t the greatest gentleman, but hundreds of Jizz and Dick jokes just felt like a 12-year-old learning a new dirty word.

Very dull and repetitive gameplay, each boss and outpost felt the same, I found myself quitting after only an hour or so out of sheer boredom.

Dead Living Zombies

This was a solid funny and challenging combat-focused DLC, but didn’t have any of the open-world elements I feel make Far Cry stand out from the rest of shooters on the market, while its solid, mission-based Far Cry without save checkpoints in missions just feels dull and lacklustre, not a bad DLC but not something I would choose to play over FC5 or FC ND.

In Conclusion

It’s simply not worth a buy, it feels rushed and should have been replaced with a single DLC (Far Cry New Dawn), it’s clear the A-Team was making that title anyways, while Secondary teams worked on the season pass DLC.

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