Little Green Men Age Well.. mostly.

Little Green Men Age Well.. mostly.
Still Worth a Play? PC

Maybe it’s that smooth green plastic skin, perhaps its the fact they spend most of their day stood still, saving calories and avoiding exhaustion, whatever the reason Army men games by 3D0 have well (mostly), we will take a look at the four games from the series available on steam.

While all four suffer from a very Low Res due to their release year, each has something to offer, from a shot of nostalgia to actual mechanical brilliance lets dig deep into the 90s and take a look at these childhood classics.

Army Men

The mouse moves too fast, and its controls seem to be inverted, the sound effects and music are amazingly unbalanced audio-wise and makes every single noise an eardrum assaulting blast.

However, that being said if you reassign and tweak your controls, you will find the same game you loved in 1998!

Army Men 2

Hooray, the awful mouse and key-binds issue from Army Men 1 port are no more, sadly the sound could still shatter glass, but overall it’s an excellent title that is every bit as much fun as it was back in the day!

Toys in Space

To me Toys in space is the pinnacle of the army men pc game,s while many games were solid such as World at war, few come close to the sheer fun that this game offered, with a great selection of units on both sides of the conflict, it was the one game I still recall fondly 20 years after initially playing it.

Army Men RTS

Very much feels like a dated console port, that being said it’s still a solid primitive RT  and one which with the aid of nostalgia goggles you will enjoy, graphics are decent but feel sub-par to the 1999 entries in the series.

A fun game, and a piece of gaming history, but not the high point of the franchise.

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