World War Z Review: Another Win for Epic Game Store

World War Z Review: Another Win for Epic Game Store
Third Person Shooter PC

A good twist of fate.

Its often the case that a zombie game is unpolished campy and feels like the B movies of yesteryear, And with few exceptions we haven’t had a solid 4 man co op game of this calibre since Left for Dead 2, with well written and designed co op missions, coupled with a solid and amazingly fun PvPvE mode that is what i have been after for years, the frantic feel of the Walking Dead, my only wish is that The Walking Dead by Overkill had the success of this title, while Overkills game looks unlikely to ever return it was not as bad many people accuse it of being.

Always a big Butt.

But that being said its clear that we have a solid winner in World War Z, its as large a difference quality and perception wise as Fortnite Battle Royale was to H1Z1, and while i do not expect it to have the numbers of the record breaking Fortnite BR, its effect on its own genre will be clearly as large.

Launch bug aside.

It goes without saying that any popular multiplayer game will have shaky launch server wise in fact a quickly addressed total collapse of the login servers is often a good sign, its a condition shared by every major successful launch of the last 15+ years, it means there are people wanting to play, A LOT of people, and often it in itself can help spur on further sales.

How does it Play?

Its like Fortnite and Left for Dead 2 had a baby, with Call of Duty Black Ops somehow giving its baby the good looks, the game is a grind but a fun one, with every shot you fire adding to the feel of progression, and unlocking new skills and abilities for your characters, a cast of which i might add is not only ethnically diverse, but appearance wise give a huge array of options to play as.

Maps are astonishingly well designed and overall weapons, while, a little quiet feel powerful and punchy, both Pve and PvP modes feel fun and engaging, and are something i actually find myself wanting to do equally,

Worth a buy and the War Continues.

Very much worth a buy now, and not to wait till any eventual steam release, and not to be crass but people need to give up on this ineffective and immature boycott of Epic store, epic with its stricter submission guidelines is free from the sea of Henti novels that steam has regrettably allowed itself to be flooded with.

Another Round to Epic.

With Division 2, Anno 1800, Fortnite, World War z, Satisfactory, Borderlands 3, metro Exodus and many more, Steam is clearly losing the war for top performing titles in 2019, and needs to step up its game, as there is room in the gaming world for multiple solid launchers, all of which have their good and bad points yet provide the same basic services we need, the ability to launch the game we want to play, and to spew the amount of hate that we see over what amounts to a separate launcher icon sets the gaming community back to the 80s, making us seem out of touch nerds with personality disorders.

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