10 more indie games you may never play in 2019.

10 more indie games you may never play in 2019.
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1) Die Young

Normally Indiegala sells the type of indie games you wouldn’t want to play unless you were bored beyond explanation, and the games they have produced or worked with are either edgy or downright awful, yet somehow from that mire of awfulness they have produced a solid explanation puzzle horror title, a genre i had no idea we really needed, while most horror games take place in small cramped spaces like insane asylums, setting a horror game on a massive wide open, and beautiful landscape adds to the spookiness, a fantastic little title and one i look forward to watching develop.

The gameplay is smooth and the voice acting solid, overall i will give it 7/10 based on its potential.

2) Anoxemia

Anoxemia very much reminds me of a very good flash game, and that is not an insult, while it has simple and engaging, gameplay and a fantastic silhouette based artstyle it feels very much like a html5 or flash-based game and not a pc game, apart from the aforementioned gameplay the gorgeously haunting music and solid voice acting sets this game apart from many other indie games who fill the same “kill a few mins” niche, a fantastic little indie title and one i would like to see more of.

3) Larva Mortus

Larva Mortus is a great little indie title that feels like a 2D version of Call of Duty Zombies, thematically, and mechanically like a 2D loot shooter, while it’s clearly an indie title it has solid production values and a decent indie 2D spritework, it’s not for everyone and is a little dark and edgy, but overall it’s a solid game for those who want to try something a little different and enjoy zombie/horror shooters.

4) Cook Serve Delicious 2

Apart from the awful intro music CSD2 is a solid game, and while its not my type of game, and in fact is more of a game for non gamers, its a solid and fun indie title, entirely inoffensive and great for people of all ages, the Mechanics and art style and very much a Big Fish games/ Wii title affair, and that adds to its charm for people who like this genre of game, a solid 8/10 but not for everyone, and certainly not for me.

5) Beholder

While it doesn’t look like much, it has it where it counts, if you look beyond its charmingly simple graphics you will find a rather deep and engaging morality based RPG game with flavors reminiscent of the early 90’s text-based adventure titles.

6) Caveblazers

Feels like the type of game you would play in the early 90s and that is the huge pull to this charming Rogue-lite title, great aesthetics, quirky voice acting and controls clearly optimised for controller,s make this ab great game for those pc gamers who prefer a controller, doesn’t feel as hot on a mouse and keyboard however.

7) Unbox

A frustration game in the vein of Octodad, not my type of game, but for those who like Octodad and I am Bread you will find this game a great addition to your library.

The graphics are cute, the maps well designed and overall it’s a high quality title, but it’s not for everyone.

8) Western Press

Basically a game for typing enthusiasts, great way to learn to speed up your typing, other than that.. can’t really see a point for this game to exist, cute retro graphics and characters, but, not a game for most people, then again for someone this could be a diamond in the rough, cannot recommend it, but i would not swear it off for everyone.

9) CaravanĀ 

Caravan is as much art as it is a game, with gorgeous 2D visuals, and engagingly simple role play mechanics it’s the type of game you would never think of getting, but are so glad once you play it, 8/10 as its something that is both unusual, original and actually good.

10) Bear with me

This should go over big with fans of Ted, while not as crass as Ted (thankfully) the tough talking no-nonsense Teddy bear with a chip on his shoulder, is a great star of this Noir style mystery title, with gorgeous black and white visuals, this game is a treat for all gamers who want something a little different.

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