Review: BattleFleet Gothic Armada : Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but a fine Cuppa. PC

Reminds me of the Church, just with more elves and less singing.

The campaign in itself is well written with gorgeous painting style cutscenes and excellent voice acting, the overall campaign feels very religious, and while as a follower of Jesus Christ and therefore a “believer/ religious being” I didn’t find the story offensive, however those who despise religion may find it uncomfortable.

That’s not to say the God-Emperor of Warhammer 40k is anything like God the Father revealed to us by Jesus Christ!, Warhammer 40k is grimdark so expect mass extinction and torture, not to mention the bigoted hate shown by religious characters, something which is sadly a lot like many “Christians” who do not follow Christ’s teachings.

Off-topic, for those curious what Jesus said, and not the hateful and money-grabbing garbage spewed by a lot of megachurch pastors check out this link.

Great tactics, just a little slow.

The tactical side of the game cannot be faulted, I love being able to customise every single ship RPG style, I love being able to target ship subsystems, and focus upgrades on matching my play-style, the problem comes however when you find yourself waiting 3-4 minutes of each map simply hobbling towards your objective.

The time to kill is also very long, while I enjoyed this, some may find it tedious, but felt it added to the Star Wars-like slug-fest between capital ships, a feeling I have not had since Empire at War.

Worth a buy?

If on sale then yes, but with BattleFleet Gothic: Armada 2 improving the game in every way, and this title only costing £10 less than Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, I suggest you spring for that instead, while this is a great game, outside of a sale its best to get the sequel as it provides all the good points of this game, along with many of its own.

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