Adecke.. Well Grunt1914 lost another battle.

Adecke.. Well Grunt1914 lost another battle.
What Went Wrong? PC

Just a few mins ago I finished reviewing Grunt1914 (by the same developer*) and said it was the worst unity game I had ever played, and already it has lost that title, by far this is the worst unity game I have played to date and while i am sure unity games will continue to disappoint me in the years to come, it will take some doing to beat Grunt 1914.

I could try to list all the bad points but it would take to long, so let’s make this short and sweet, the only good thing this game did, was it did not verbally assault my houseplants.

From sound to Graphic design, from mechanics to presentation the whole thing was awful.

As with Grunt1914 I must add, the developer wrote a very polite and well worded request for review, and this is nothing personal against someone whom I think sincerely tried to make a good game, the result however simple was that the game is sub par, and not something worth even $1, I hope the developer however comes away from this failure and tries again with a better product in future.

As i have been contacted by the developer of Grunt1914 I will clarify, both the review request from Grunt191 dev and Adecke Dev were copy and paste, arrived seconds/minutes apart and contained same info such as ” a solo dev, working 4 years etc”

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