Grunt1914: A lesson in Failure.

Grunt1914: A lesson in Failure.
Early Access PC

Why simply why?

I have to be blunt, i never like to be cruel but this could very well be the worst unity game i have ever played, and a lot of unity games are garbage, awful controls, character models, maps, sounds, the whole package, add in the fact its a multiplayer shooter with a peak CCU of 3 and you know where this is going.

Oh unity.. that explains a lot.

A lot of how awful this game become can be attributed to unity itself, is a near garbage engine which requires a near gourmet chef of a developer to get anything remotely decent from, while not every unity game is bad, I can count on one hand good Unity games i have played.

Battlefield 1.

With Battlefield 1 often going for under £5 during sales there is literally no reason to ever buy or play this game, the fact it has very few maps, and next to no players makes this a hard pass for any type of gamer.

As an added note, the developer wrote a very polite and well worded request for review, and this is nothing personal against someone whom I think sincerely tried to make a good game, the result however simple was that the game is sub par, and not something worth even $1, I hope the developer however comes away from this failure and tries again with a better product in future.

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