10 Games that are so gosh darn cute.

10 Games that are so gosh darn cute.
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Perhaps not for the most macho of hardened gamers whom rejoice at the slaughter of their enemies and the lamentations of their women, these games are just so gosh darn adorable they need a list of their own!

1) Bomber Crew

Admittedly games about warfare aren’t the curtest but the adorable graphics and simple yet endearing game-play of Bomber Crew make this a game that appears to both lovers of strategy and lovers of cute little sprites, and adorable game with supposing tactical depth, reminds me very much of Faster than Light.

2) Space Farmers

A cute Harvests moon type game with vibes of minecraft, the graphics and gameplay share a general feeling of quirkiness, and while the single player is ok, this game should not be purchased in a million years as both development and multiplayer are entirely dead.

3) Toy Box Turbos

So reminiscent of the micro machine games of my youth, games which i played near religiously, and while no game can replace the feeling of wonder you flt as a child, toy box turbos is a worthy spiritual successor, with gorgeously designed maps and game-play reminiscent of Micro-machine meets Mario kart, i found the title utterly charming. and it made me want to play, a feeling i rarely get from racing titles.

The addition of the Retro top down camera was fantastic for fans of the old micro machine games, and both a smart move and a wonderful gesture by the developers.

Sadly the title never really took off (sub 150 ccu at peak) and the current userbase is under 15 ccu, so enjoy it for single-player or the occasional arranged match, and while it’s not an active game, i feel fans of non standard racing will find this game a great addition to their collection.

4) Valhalla Hills

Yet another gorgeous game powered by Unreal engine, i simply find games with Unreal engine look and play better, when coded correctly, like any engine poor devs can make Unreal engine a laggy nightmare, but enough boring stuff, onto the game itself,.

Valhalla Hills is very much a spiritual successor to cultures and settlers two, which is just as well since the 3 games share the same developers, gameplay is smooth, mechanics are familiar to any fans of  games like Northgard, Settlers etc and overall the cute art style adds to the experience and doesn’t distract from it, something i was personally concerned about before trying it.

5) Never Alone

Finally a gorgeous unity game, while there have been a (very) few other Unity titles that have impressed me, none have captured the charm of Never alone, with gorgeous visuals, story telling and cultural insights to the native people of one of earths least hospitable regions, i found the entire game a memorising experience and one i can recommend for gamers of all interests, its co-op to boot, a great way to experience something magical with friends or family.

6) Magazine Editor.

Its cute, super cute, and looks adorable, the gameplay however is really boring however and while not terrible its better suited for a mobile time wasting game, than an actual PC title, decent but not decent enough, only recommended for those who like very simple repetitive mechanics.

7) Raft

On the surface you may think it’s another survival game, but honestly for survival genre its pretty lackluster, no what makes this game special is it’s a combination of building, exploration and looting, reminiscent of playing with Lego, i even found the hooking items from my raft aspect fun, far more fun than i expected it to be, the game feels like a really good Wii title, I only wish it had motion controls, it would then be pretty much the perfect Wii game, as it stands it’s a very solid co op pve survival lite game, and one that can be enjoyed by all ages, an aspect many survival games lack due to their t rated and above content.

Sadly the characters offer no customisation and for some this will be a turn off,  that being said it’s an incredibly cute game that runs very smooth and something that a wide spectrum of gamers could enjoy.

8) Disney Afternoon Collection

Now these games aren’t the pretty type of cute, but the quirky memory inducing kind, and boy do these games bring back memories of the late 80s and early 90s, the port while not perfect is rather good, i only found issue with the first duck tales game, the cane controls feeling unresponsive on Xbox one controllers, that being said in Duck Tales 2 i didn’t find this issue.

My personal favourite however were the Rescue ranger games, The tv show having been a huge part of my childhood, i found the games as enchanting today as i would have then.

Overall a very solid collection and one I suggest for all fans of retro titles.

9) Slime Rancher

How do i describe adequately a game about feeding carrots to adorable blobs of slime? for all its child like appearance the game is simply fun, good wholesome fun with a great art style, smooth mechanics and an overall feeling of wonder that brought me back to playing games like Harvest Moon as a child.

Will everyone enjoy this game? no honestly it’s not for everyone, however i believe that most people who want a break from high stress, combat focused games would find this very enjoyable.

10) World of Goo

I really didn’t think i would like this game, it reminded me so much of early IOS games that it has sat unused for ages, but since i was looking for cute games to review i gave it a go, and boy am i glad i did, an incredibly fun game and one which captures all the magic of the early Mobile puzzlers with enough polish and scope to please any fan of Pc puzzlers.

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