Mordhau: Halfway there.. woohoo living on a prayer.

Mordhau: Halfway there.. woohoo living on a prayer.
Battle Royale, Massively Multiplayer Online PC

Mordhau is one of the most attractive games i have played in a very long time, with a large, and passionate playerbase that grows by the day, simple to pick up yet challenging to master skills, and a wide array of classes/loadouts the gameplay feels like something ripped from the pages of history, or at least from your favourite cheesy hollywood medieval romp.

Smooth as butter

I played a few matches and apart from near instant match making the first thing to hit me was how good it runs even on maxed settings, most AAA games that look this good struggle in 64 player matches, yet despite the close proximity of players I suffered no lag whatsoever on my 6GB card, your mileage may very however depending on your CPU/GPU.

Wuman in mah gam?!

While nerds and history buffs like to pretend they would wade into battle with a claymore and become a legend of old, its not realistic or historically accurate, and that is perfectly ok, same applies to female characters, its a video game not a college history text, its perfectly fine to have non-white male characters, people should be able to look how they want in a game that is Medieval low-fantasy more than anything else.

So much to Do.

Bored of playing an archer? why not become a knight or perhaps your skill set lies more in traps and being a sneaky little fella? there is something for everyone and honestly all weapons feel fantastic, the sword play is by far the best i have encountered, enrapturing all the magic of mount and blade in a far prettier and more stable wrapper.

Worth a Buy?

Yes indeed, Mordhau will be around for years to come, and with a steady flow of new players for the foreseeable future, its a sound investment of time and money.

PS Why only half way there?

I just wish it was Game of Thrones Themed! then for me it would be my perfect 10/10 game.

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