10 Games that are stranger than your uncle Larry.

10 Games that are stranger than your uncle Larry.
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1) Strange Brigade.

Strange brigade never saw much success, partially due to its solid price tag and partially due to the man baby reaction to that price tag, don’t get me wrong, while it was a little on the hefty side price wise, the games overwhelming quality makes up for that price, at least in the eyes of non-manbabies and reddit trolls, they are a culture to themselves and hate everything outside their little bubble.

Gameplay aside (which I found very impressive) and graphical brilliance which captured the mood of the game perfectly, this game is as strange as its title, with CoD zombie style combat inter-spaced with puzzles and some of the campiest narration to exist outside Monty Python, a treat of British humour and gaming expertise, while not for everyone, its a solid game which many would enjoy.

It must be said however that matchmaking is near dead, so better played with friends or solo.

2) Gratuitous Space Battles

Gratuitous Space Battles is close to its 10th birthday and still holds up great, despite being one of the strangest strategy games i have played, with game-play closer to football management games than traditional RTS, create you units, design and fine tune your deployments, hit fight and.. sit back and do nothing, on the surface this looks tedious, but the truth couldn’t be more different, the game is fun, engaging and even though 10 years old still feels fantastic today.

After revisiting this game for a review, I have decided to go back and complete the campaign once more as its the beans on toast of Pc games, as awesome today as it was in 2009.

Honestly its a far better game that its successor, and while GSB 2 flopped, it was in no way the fault of the Dev, it was a game/genre of the 00s launching in 2015 and it simply couldn’t garner enough non-fans to make it a viable income or to ensure development continued.

You can read more about the dev’s reasoning here

Indie game developers move on. Or they fail.

3) Nom Nom Galaxy

A game about soup warfare is not something you see everyday, but this premise coupled with a 2D voxel platformer creates a surprisingly good game and one which while simple to pick up offers layers of strategy which may surprise you as you progress, crush out your opposition, fight evil tomatos, defend your factory from rivals, and make the best soup in the galaxy!

With great support for both Keyboard and Controller, its a great desk or sofa game, and one which many gamers would enjoy if they give it a chance.

A true gem of the indie market and one i would like to see more of.

4) Sir you are being Hunted

Now a Game about robots hunting a dandy fella in tweed isn’t all that common, apart from the dubious choice of clothing and premise the game offers a surprisingly in depth take on the stealth genre, with a wide array of objects to find and craft and one of the most unusual forms of looting i have found in any game only the doors of every house can be interacted with, and they have no interiors).

While the game does show its age and indie heritage, it is solid and one which i feel many people would enjoy,

5) Battleplan: American Civil War

Basically a game about controlling lines on a map, and while this sounds about as enjoyable as watching grass grow, it is actually a pretty solid, abet very minimalist strategy game, with the added bonus of playing on all but the absolutely most aged of potato PCs, its a game for those who want something a little different from main stream strategy games or those still rocking a 2004 Walmart PC.

6) Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel is a game that sounds even stranger than it is, a game that consists oif controlling the individual limbs and body functions of a rather unfortunate fella called Samuel, while the gameplay is amusing, what make this game stand out to me was the astonishingly good narration, it was some of the most creative narration i have ever seen in any game.

The players actions, such as skipping dialogue or cut-scenes are remembered and thrown at you several times sarcastically by the bitter narrator,

Manual Samuel offers some of the most gorgeous 2D graphics i have ever seen in any game, it feels like you are playing a 2000s cartoon network show, and to me that is a huge plus.

7) Amanda’s Sticker Book 2 – Amazing Wildlife

Any game that begins “Amanda won the sticker book contest” deserves a place on every weird list in existence.

(1) Why for  is there a sticker book contest?

(2) Why did Amanda win?

(3) Was it rigged?

(4) Did she bribe the judges?

(5) Was it a tense political pay off?

Since we will never know the answers to this cliff hanger of a plot point, i will review the game.. its a candy crush/match 3 clone.. nothing more needs to be said.

In Devs own words its contained ” 79 thrilling match3 levels”, yep.. nothing more thrilling than match 3 games..

8) Craft the World

Now to be honest the reason i have taken so long to review this game, is i bought it shortly after original release during a steam sale and forgot i even had it, the game made such a small impression on my memory it wasn’t until i was sorting my library that i found it again, and i will tell you honestly..

I am glad I did, this is totally my type of game, capturing vibes of both survival games and and sim like titles, i found myself wanting to play more and more, i immediately installed a copy on all of my pc’s so i can play anytime i feel like checking in with the little lads, with fantastic 2D art and simple yet engaging mechanics Craft the World a title that most gamers will enjoy, even if only for short periods

9) Monochroma

While a fairly solid puzzle title, for me Monochroma is not so much a game as an experience and that is no way detracting form game-play, rather it says this title has gone beyond the confines of the genre to become a piece of modern art which can be experienced, a beautiful black and white portal of a colourful world, that speaks volumes despite being free from any verbal or written form of narration, instead relying on the beauty of its visual and level design to weave a story as much of your imagination as anything else.



What can be best described as Game of Thrones meets a pet shop, gorgeous graphics, concept and mechanics make this game appear to be a sure fire winner, however while it may be amazing vs other players i find playing against the AI super tedious, and found myself refunding all of my DLC within 2 hours (i had purchased the full  package).

Perfect for fans of Digital board-games but others should be aware of the slow pace of the gameplay.

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