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Quick-Review: Battlefield 1943 : Alive after 10 years?!

Now ten years for some gamers must make their mouths dry, and their teeth itch, yes we all know, any game made before 2019 is terrible, old, ugly, bad LOLZ, but for those of us with sense, a game that was good in 2009 is still useful today.

Battlefield 1943 while very much a console shooter, has held up exceptionally well, and while it seems a little simplistic compared to new battlefields, we can see the embryo of those modern battlefields in Battlefield 1943, from fully destructible buildings to the large expansive maps, and while they are not as large as maps today, for the time, they were both detailed and expansive.

What impressed me is the fact that I was able to jump into a game, on an EU server at 9 am on a workday within 10 seconds, that’s impressive and something, not all shooters today can manage.

Worth a Play?

While I wouldn’t play it over any of the modern battlefield games, for those looking to experience some nostalgia from 2009, you will get a kick out of playing this again.

Xbox Game Pass.

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