A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies.

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies.
Role Playing Game, Single Player PC

Before we Begin.

Now before you jump into a movie loving frenzy of hatred and revulsion, i am not saying movies are a obsolete medium, I personally believe for as long as man endures there will always be a need for movies, plays,books, and yes games, all these share one common thread, stories, as Tyrion says in the Game of Thrones Final Episode, A story cannot be killed or conquered, it unites people, this is true, not because the dwarf son of Tywin says so, but it is truth seen in  very country of the world since the beginning of time, Jesus Christ himself used stories to convey truth from his Father (God) and those stories have changed billions of lives

For more information on the words of Jesus Christ you can read up on them here


Now onto the main event.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is not simply pretty, it is stunning, with stable frame rates, gorgeous world and character models, the game is like art, it feels like you are part of 14th century France in a way that few things outside of movies (or being there.. which unlikely to happen in our lifetime.. or you know.. ever), is impossible.. i immediately fell in love with the character,s the superb writing and voice acting bringing alive a cast of characters who felt not only real and authentic to the world, but felt like a real community.

The bond between Knight De Rune and his daughter felt organic and in no way scripted, despite it being obviously scripted, this is a sign of good writing, when it makes you forget you are watching something written up form thin air.

Clicky Clicky!

I am not a big screenshot taker, seriously most games never get a single shot taken, and even if they do, its for the sake of a meme or reporting a bug, but here i found myself taking dozens of screenshots, as i wanted to capture moments of the game to share with friends, and also to keep forever, to be reminded of my feelings when i first encountered that scene or character.

Making me Feel Something.

Now i am not the macho male type, while i am no push over, i do have feelings like every other human being, or rather like every healthy human being should, that being said few games make me feel something beyond enjoyment of the games mechanics, A Plague Tale: Innocence however goes beyond that and pulls you into a world where you care about the characters, i held my breath during stealth scene,s i winced as i saw friends  and servants dies, overall it made me feel like a human IN the game and that itself is very rare.

Worth a buy

I would say 100% yes, but be warned its a 1 and done game without sequels, DLC or multiplayer, to me its worth it and i would love to see more games like it, but for those who want more than 10-15 hours gameplay for a £40 title, you may want to wait till sales.

Also available on Xbox One and PS4


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