Mortal Kombat X : Well that’s unexpected.

Mortal Kombat X : Well that’s unexpected.
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This review was made after playing the XBOX version of the game, but the key narrative and mechanical points hold true for all versions.

A confession before we begin.

I knew Mortal Kombat would be exceptionally smooth, I knew the characters would have fantastic animations and a massive array of skills, that being said I personally thought the game would be overly edgy full of boobies and broken skulls, and honestly that is mostly true, but under the tasteless violence and sex appeal is a decently action packed story, while not JRR Tolkien, its as good as your standard tom cruise summer action movie, which while not perfect is good for some quick fun.

Mechanical brilliance.. or button mashing?

When it comes to the fight themselves you can either admire the brilliance of the combo system, which at first glance is overwhelming or you can do as i did my first time and just press every button you can and hope for the bets, while it works for first fight or 2, you really do need to learn the combos if you want to actually win matches vs other player,s the combat feels organic and the animations both offence and defence blend well into each other, giving a fluid trained fighter aesthetic to the character models.

What surprised me the most.

The biggest surprise for me is I actually wanted to play the story, I wanted to know more of the narrative, I enjoyed the plot as bizarre as it was, It left me needing to know what happens next.

What is the player base like?

Honestly its clearly a five year old title, few new players and those that do still play are very good at what they do, while there is still room for new players, be prepared to fight for every inch of your learning progress, and while that will turn off many, those that endure to the end will become mortal combat champions!

Worth a buy?

While i enjoyed it, unless you can get it at a sale price, or as part of the XBOX Game-Pass I would give it a skip, its a solid fighter which is sadly diminished by the over-sexuality and gore of the characters and combat while its a good game its not for everyone and would be better without the gore filled fatalities and near nudity of female characters, these aspects will restrict the possible customer base, by alienating some gamers.

The latest entry of the series “Mortal Kombat 11” has toned down the sexuality, but the over gory aspects of fatalities has remained and in some cases increased.

Mortal Kombat X is Available on XBOX ONE, PS4, and Steam (PC).


Do I prefer XBOX to PC? no I don’t and never will, however i cannot dispute the value of the XBOX Game Pass, with Mortal Kombat X and over 100 other games included its a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games for the price of a good beer.

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