The Division : When all is Said and Done:

The Division : When all is Said and Done:
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Last one out locks the door.

Playing the division, is a surreal feeling in 2019, with almost its entire population having migrated to Division 2 its like walking in the post disaster ruins of a major city, seeing hints that life once existed but rarely encountering it.

Despite a shaky start the Division grew to become one of the best  games in the looter shooter genre, the game lived up to its hype and will be fondly remembered by those who loved it for years to come, but like all things there comes a time to stand aside, and with the release of The Division 2 (March 15, 2019) that time has come.

While its worth playing for the story aspects, and much of the game can be done solo ( i solo’d 90% of my story play-through and could have done the remaining 10%), a lot of the non story aspects such as incursions, PVP etc are not that accessible to a newplayer, with those that remain often highly skilled players already in established groups and clans.

Sound of Silence.

I played with about 35 player in total from 1-30, here is a tally of my interaction.

Spoke in Party or voice: 0

Emoted at me: 1

Global/Area chat

I saw mostly Chinese text in area chat and the occasional racist comment against those same Chinese players.

I did see 1-2 people chatting in some areas, but mostly was stuff like “wrong way, up here”

So in short unless you join a discord community or get lucky, its best to bring your own friends to this game, as honestly its pretty clear its not the most chatty of playerbases anymore.

Where all the Players at?!

Most of the players and clans, Social or otherwise have moved onto The Division 2, a very worthy successor to what had become by its second year an exceptionally good game.

While a decent sized player base remains, most are very well geared at endgame and a new level 30 will rarely encounter them in standard difficulty content and their role in pvp will be as the grim reaper, slaughtering your green and blue geared behind lol.

Worth a play?

If you have a small group of friends to play with or enjoy playing the story solo, this game is worth easily £10, however any more than that and i suggest just buying The Division 2 which will remain heavily populated and will be consistently updated for the next few years at least.

Buy “The Division” on Ebay, available for PS4, Xbox One and PC

And now my Watch has ended.

I pre-ordered The Division 2 but i wanted to find time to finish the story of The Division  first and I am glad i did, now with the story behind me i uninstalled The Division and will jump eagerly into The Division 2!

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