Worlds Adrift : The 3 Death blows of a Promising MMO

Worlds Adrift : The 3 Death blows of a Promising MMO
What Went Wrong? PC

I will not discuss the game very much in this review as the game is soon to be removed from sale on steam and closed down, I will instead recap the games history and explain why it died.

The First Mistake: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Bossa are idealists, they push borders and break moulds and that’s fine, this time however they pushed the edge a little too far and simple fell off, taking Worlds Adrift and the money of thousands of people with them, this error however existed from before many of us, even knew about Worlds adrift, and that mistake was giving the community such a huge say in the formation of a game.

The Second Mistake:Odd Release Method.

While the idea of releasing keys in batches was good on paper, it was poor in practice friends and guilds found themselves unable to all get the game together and this resulted in a small, fractured and frankly bored player-base right from the start, these type of games are nothing without players and the more that quit the worse it got for those who remained until all that remained were a cadre of die hard fans with skills to rival crack commandos, making the PvP experience too difficult to break into for new comers.

The Third Mistake: Democracy doesn’t work in game development.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good game and while sometimes those ideas match enough to get a product out the door, often it leads to a lack of focus, and Worlds Adrift is a huge example of that.

Worlds Adrift was to be a PvP open world sandbox, all focus, development and efforts should have gone towards improving the PvP experience, the entire games balancing should have been based around PvP and yet the addition of PvE and PvE focused featured diluted Development time and changed the game we paid for into what we have now, a title mere weeks away from its final demise.

So PvE Carebears are to blame?!

No, and liking PvE no more makes someone a Carebear than liking PvP makes you a blood thirsty cretin.

What is to blame is the idea every game must cater to everyone, I often see single player games have hundreds of comments demanding multiplayer, mulitplayer games demanding single player, PvP games demanding PvE and PvE games full of requests for PvP modes.

Its all mindlessly entitled and it must stop, developers should be allowed to focus on their game, be is single, multi, co-op or MMO, and demanding devs cater to you just makes a worse game for everyone, and that includes you.

Bossa should Refund us all!!!

With what? Cookies? Fairy Dust? the money was spent on the game, the game failed, your money is gone and so is theirs, you were told the risk and agreed to it by buying the game, everyone lost here, and demanding a refund only proves that you lack the ability to comprehend what you agreed to.

Bossa are the Devil, Evil, Scams, Lazy Etc.

No they are not, they tried damn hard to produce a title we could all enjoy, it simply didn’t work, and yet despite that failure they can be proud of what they tried to do, the gaming community just isn’t mature enough for that amount of input into the design of a game.

In Closing

Its time we just all moved on, and let Bossa move on, the games failure was surely a worse blow for them both financially and emotionally than it was for any of us.

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