Conan Unconquered: The Best RTS game of the last 10+ years.

Conan Unconquered: The Best RTS game of the last 10+ years.
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Memories galore.

Empire at War to this day for me is one of the greatest of all strategy games, closely battling out with Age of empires 3 for my affection and the coveted first place in m gaming memories,everyone about these games made me want to play more, and while there are still many very good strategy games being sold today, a lot of them lack the addictive charm of the 2000s titles.

Games like Grey Goo while gorgeous, bored me to near tears, I actually uninstalled the game and watched ending cutscenes on YouTube, and I loved the lore and I thought the graphics were fantastic, I simply found the game-play very tedious, to the point it felt like watching an ant farm more than playing a game.

Loving the Lore.

Th Conan lore is very much the violently geeky brother of more established lore like Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Game of Thrones, but for all its brutal rough edges, it has a charm all of its own, Conan is the beefcake hero who looks to be all brawn, and yet has a surprisingly good tactical mind that somehow see’s him triumph again and again against foes which are too myriad and at times impossible to describe.. evil snake men played by James Earl Jones for example… enough said!

Conan Unconquered like its siblings Conan Exiles/Age of Conan remains true to the lore and is a delight for fans of the books and Age of Conan/Conan Exiles a like.

Beats you to the dirt and then kicks your teeth in.

I have been making my way though the “Semi not really quasi campaign” and i gotta tell you its been a very long time since i have found a challenge like this in a campaign, to clarify i normally crank games like this to maximum difficulty, and set myself vs as many AI as possible, here I encountered my first loss in the second mission, and while on my second attempt i cruised through it, the point stands this game is brutal, you never feel you have enough of anything to become OP and from the first to the last wave you are the underdog and the game reminds you of that at every turn.

Makes me want to play more.

This difficulty and the randomly generated maps gives an infinite replay value, i cannot wait to finish work each day to play this and i can see it remaining in my RTS rotation for years (decade+?) to come.

Worth a buy?

Yes, go buy it and discover what is best in life.

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