15 Games that died too soon.

15 Games that died too soon.
Top 10, What Went Wrong? PC

This game had all the elements of a successful title, and yet despite its rather beefy early access pricetag still managed to garner a dedicated community of players, you would think the road an easy one for Clockwork Empires, alas inter-team strife and rumours of money problems lead to Gaslamp game closing down, taking Clockwork Empires with it.

Updates & Bug fixes continue in the form of unofficial community patches.

2) Folk Tale

Folk Tale was a fantastic game, with a solid concept and a lot of promise, but suddenly things just got.. weird.. updates slowed down, contact with the community dried up and eventually the game was pulled from sale (mid 2017) with almost no explanation other than it was “temporary”, Games Foundry abandoned the game entirely 10 months later in 2018 and renamed themselves “Hawkesmith Limited” , without explanation or refund I for one would not make any future purchases from Hawkesmith Limited or any other name they change to next.

Unless someone comes along and buys the project, we are unlikely to see Folk Tale ever fully realised.

3) Castle Story

Ok now technically Castle Story isn’t entirely dead, but the hype surrounding the game died long before the game even reached a playable state, I remember when everyone i knew were busting a gut to play with the thicc yella fellas, and while the game is surprisingly good, its never been much of a success and future success looks unlikely.

The community around the game is small (ccu of 100-150) but they are a loyal community, and while updates are mostly bug fixes

Despite Sauropod Studio having moved onto a new game, Castle Story is still a very sound purchase during steam sales, however for its full price their are much better alternatives which are in active development.

4) H1Z1:Just Survive

As we predicted in July 2018, Just Survive would only be “barely surviving” and receive no substantial updates, and alas the prophecy was fulfilled, Just Survive sunset several months ago having received no further substantial updates and parent company Daybreak struggling to keep itself afloat.


H1Z1 Just Survive: and it did just that

5) Bless Online

Bless online, a game we personally loved, but doubted the steam/reddit community at large would allow to live after its shameful launch.

The Mess that is Bless Online.

6) Worlds Adrift

We recently wrote an article about the demise of worlds adrift, check it out below!

Worlds Adrift : The 3 Death blows of a Promising MMO

7) Band of Defenders

Implied Blowjobs, sex doll like female character, and 1 character short of a 4 player co-op, just some of the reasons this game died within moments of launch.

Band of Defenders : A Fantastic Failure


8) Cloud Pirates

Cloud pirates was a game i liked the look of so much i bought it without a second thought, putting it in my “play once its launches” category, problem was within weeks of its launch the game closed with no refunds due to low player count.

I am much more weary of My.com now, despite them proving themselves in games like Revelation MMORPG which also has suffered low player-numbers since closed beta in 2016, yet is still supported with updates every few months including expac sized additions to the free to play title..

9) LawBreakers

Lawbreakers was a great idea that was overpriced and trying to enter a saturated market, the fact everyone and their dog hated Cliff Bleszinski due to a mix of both real and imaginative “sins” against the gaming community doomed what was one of the most fun shooters of the last 5 years.

Launching at $10/£10 would have saved the game, yet no point crying over spilled milk, Lawbreakers is gone and we are unlikely to see it in any form in future.

Lawbreakers – What Went Wrong?

10) Lifeless

Lifeless basically died before it could even breath, with horrifically performing servers, delayed updates and a disappearing developers doomed what could have been a very successful faction based zombie survival game, as it stands the game is a testament to what can go wrong with Steam Early Access games.

And also the First of 3 Green Man publishing failures on this list.

The sad tale of Lifeless/Death Arena.

11) Kings and Men

We covered this game previously, check out our take from March 2018

Kings and Men : A Case Study in Over Promise & Under Perform

12) Black Death

We covered this game previously, check out our take from September 2018

The Black Death: A Slow and Painful Death

13) Rend

We covered this game previously, check out our take from October 2018

Whats the Matter with Rend?

14) The Mean Greens

We covered this game previously, check out our take from September 2018

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare

15) Mirage: Arcane Warfare

We covered this game previously, check out our take from February 2018

Mirage: Arcane Warfare – What Went Wrong?



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