Roller Champions: We have a new contender.

Roller Champions: We have a new contender.
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Lets clear the Air.

Roller Champions would be a perfect match for the Epic Store, its demographic almost entirely matches that of Fortnite BR, its business model should copy 100% Fortnite Br, including battle passes and skins, it will be a run away success and Ubisoft is too smart to throw what could be tens of millions in extra fees at steam just to appease the Steam/Reddit Militia.

How does she run?

Gameplay wise Roller Champions is already super smooth and on a Xbox controller I found it near perfect, I played a few matches and it made me feel sad i would have to wait till 2020 to have this gorgeous game in my hands for real, I can already hear the future posts/comments calling some of the female player models “thicc” having known several female roller derby athletes the build these choice for them was very accurate and is a nice change from pencil thin female player models.

The Future.

If Roller Champions adds in cross-play and a decent business mode it will become massive, both for casual gamers and esports.


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