Outer Wilds: The Best Game I would not Play again.

Outer Wilds: The Best Game I would not Play again.
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Now let me clarify for those who don’t want to read my full explanation I think Outer Wilds if a fantastic game, however for me personally its just not my cup of tea, the flight controls have the same level of difficulty as games like Octodad and I am Bread, the controls seem to be 50% the difficulty and for me that holds no appeal, but i know some gamers enjoy such a challenge, I for one do not, i like my difficulty to come from the gameplay itself, not from the controllers used to tackle such game-play.

Controls aside how is it?

Its pretty amazing, one of my favourite indie games of the last 2 years, gameplay is smooth, there was no input lag, while i felt characters should have been voiced, even if only sim style blabbering, the design of said characters was very attractive, the style reminiscent of Nintendo design philosophy.

Mechanically i loved the concept of being able to travel between worlds seamlessly, exploring some distant rock and finding new and exotic locales made the game feel all the more rich for me, honestly if not for the controls it would be the type of game I would really enjoy, as it stands its a strong positive with reservations, a great game, but not for everyone and certainly not for me.

Outer Wilds is Available on XBOX ONE and Epic Game Store (PC).

Do I prefer XBOX to PC? no I don’t and never will, however I cannot dispute the value of the XBOX Game Pass, with Outer Wilds and over 100 other games included its a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games for the price of a good beer.


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