BATTALION 1944: Bringing Something to the Table.

BATTALION 1944: Bringing Something to the Table.
First Person Shooter, One Year Later PC

Looking back at my previous review from March 2018, I can see that BATTALION 1944 has come a long way, and while its changes warrant a change from negative to positive review, several of my issues with its EA release remain to this day, in this review we will look at what improved, what stayed the same and if anything got worse.

Whats Good.

Originally the lack of lag and their choice of Unreal Engine were aspects that impressed me, matchmaking at time of my original review were good, and while the game was near dead for almost its entire early access run the developers persevered and it paid off,  B1944 is a game they can be proud of.

In addition 3 of my original complaints about the title no longer exist, 1) the Awful animations for deaths, 2) weapons that felt like they had no weight to them 3) no substantial playerbase.

Combat now feels fantastic and I had a lot of fun trying all the weapons, on that note the weapons all feel unique and Its the type of game I could find myself playing with friends for a few hours on a Saturday, that being said some of my complaints remain.

The playerbase is now very healthy for a game of this genre/price point with a peak CCU of around 7.5k a day and off peak of 4k.

Lootboxes no longer feel thrown in your face and to be honest I didn’t even notice if they are still in the game at all, something to check next time I play lol.

The Bad.

The Maps, honestly this is where the game lets itself down, they all look fine, and unreal is great for scenery, the problem is they don’t look like maps of real locations, instead they feel like maps based on play-sets of real locations.

In closing

For me the game while excellent isn’t enough to pull me away from Battlefield 5/ CoD World War 2, that being said i feel the developers should be very proud of their work despite the maps need to be made to feel more dirty and lived in, honestly with more immersive maps I could see myself dropping Cod:World War 2 for this.

Worth a Purchase?

Yes yes it is, a very solid title and one you wont regret giving a try at least, my opinion isn’t the end all, and perhaps you will see something in the map design that I did not, or maybe the plastic feel to the maps wont bother you, and in that case you will be able to fully enjoy what is easily one of better WW2 shooters on the market.

Original Review.


BATTALION 1944 -Garbage, but Good Garbage.

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