Dead or Alive 5 : I’m to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.

Dead or Alive 5 : I’m to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.
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Must be Jelly as Jam doesn’t jiggle like that.

Lets clear the air, Dead or Alive series is mostly known for its jiggling butts and boobs, and honestly that’s not going to change much, the small changes to instalment 6 caused uproar and undoubtedly future DLC will see the girls fighting while in bath towels, floral necklaces, and less, its the way of the game and while these elements are cringe, under the hood DoA 5 is a solid fighting game with surprisingly fast paced and enjoyable combat that feels like a fighting game should, an adrenaline rush that offers a wide array of characters and combos.

Not helping your case there..

For those trying to defend DoA as not being a game for guys with a handful of male characters tossed in among the swarms of nearly nude girls should really admit they don’t have a defense, £49.99 DLC like “Tropical Paradise Costume & Movie Set” which includes animated moves of the girls on the beach goes beyond neckbeard creepy to a whole new level.

With all that being said.

I found the combat good, the animations solid and while i am not the type to find video game character sexy, i found the characters models were all beautifully made, and i found myself laughing at the overt sexiness, it felt like a fun campy parody of a fighting game and that’s ok.

Worth a play?

Well the core fighters is free, and while i am sure the paid story DLC wouldn’t win any oscars it will be the standard weak fighting game plot, which in itself can be amusing



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