10 Games that give you “Tofu Eating, Finger Clicking, Indie Gamer Cred”

10 Games that give you “Tofu Eating, Finger Clicking, Indie Gamer Cred”
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1) HackNet

Very few games make you feel like Matthew Broderick, and while that it not an aspect any game should aim for, the overwhelming feeling of being an 1980s hacker is unmistakable.

It goes without saying that the games gui is very bare bones, and graphically its very simple, its mostly screens and terminals, which of-course is perfect for this genre of game, if you are going to play a hacking game, you play HackNet as there are non on the market which offer a better experience for the price.

2) Metrico

This game makes me want to listen to polka and eat tofu, its a game for thinkers, dreamers and those who don’t let society define them, Ok enough buzzwords, this game is pretty fantastic with a minimal design and mechanics which make you think outside the box, its a great game for a fair price and well worth a purchase for those who want to try something a little different.

3) Nongünz

Nongünz is the type of game that emos and goths almost smile about, with a grim black and white aesthetic and punishingly grim and death focused gameplay, its enough to make even the most dedicated emo consider a shrug or raise the corner of their mouth.

While the game-play isnt anything ground breaking its a nice change of pace and the black and white style is something we see very little of.

4) Advanced Tactics Gold

The type of game you can play, and then use against people who play the mainstream war strategy games, “oh you play Hearts of Iron? pfft casual.. i play  Advanced Tactics Gold”

While the game looks awful and like its a refugee from the late 90’s it plays rather well and offers a solid tactical depth, not the best game you can buy in the genre, but one you will enjoy if you want something a little different.

5) Garrys mod

More of a physics sandbox than a game, with a million and one things to do, and hundreds of lobbies and custom game modes you will never run out of new things to try, its the duct tape of gaming, while its not perfect, you could never say it lacks content, even if not all of that content is of a high quality.

*goes back to warping characters faces*

6) Freebie

The type of game you can use against Dark Souls or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice players “oh you play those games.. i play freebie” its a rather simple “flash arcade lite title” that is surprisingly difficult ,and that requires lightning reflexes  quick thinking, and no its not free despite its name.. I guess calling it “One Dollar” wouldn’t have been as eye catching.

7) Grind Zones

The perfect game to pretend you like, when talking to Fans of Witcher 3, who cares that their game is better by a million miles and is actually developed by a real dev team, playing this piece of unity engine garbage earns you about 1000 units of “yuppie indie gamer cred” and that is worth its weight in unicorn tears!

8) 7 Grand Steps, Step 1: What Ancients Begat

Its a digital board game, so you can imagine how exciting it is.. please try to keep awake to finish my review.

Honestly despite its boring premise I found it rather enjoyable, mechanics while not amazing are rather fun and its the type of game I would enjoy if playing with friends.. too bad its single player only….

I can only recommend a purchase if you have a dire hankering for the game, otherwise its bets to save your pennies for something better.

9) Slipstream

Trying to look like you are 30 years older than you are is not the most common thing in gaming, while many games capture the 2D pixel art, few have managed to capture the 1989-90 style of racing games as well as the devs of slipstream, its fast, fun, overly colour, with a tin like soundtrack you want to listen to for ever at first and then mute and never here again after a few races, a wonderful homage to the golden era of 2D racing games and one which gives you about 273 unicorn tears of indie gamer cred!

10) One Finger Death Punch

A game that can be played with 1 hand and 2 buttons is not the norm, in fact its rather bizarre, and that is what makes One Finger Death Punch so awesome, I felt like Bruce lee as I kicked and chopped my way through an army of stick men, a great and simple game and my personal favourite indie game of the week (July 1-7th)!

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