Game Guide: 10 Stockade Runs: Loot Tally PC

On this site I will refrain from listing the value of items with the exception of raw gold/vendor gold as every server is different and I don’t wish to give people the wrong idea.

Dungeon: Stockades

Time for 10 Clears: 17 minutes

Raw Gold + Vendor Greys and Junk: 167g 2s 7c

Dungeon Farming Potential: Very Poor


1x Ornate Bronze Lockbox.

Crafting Materials (after disenchanting all the soulbound items)

  • 14x Silk Cloth
  • 110x Linen Cloth
  • 229x Wool cloth
  • 110x Large Brilliant Shard
  • Various singles of low value mats

Plans & Patterns

  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Minor Beastslayer
  • Pattern: Gray Woolen Robe
  • Plans: Iron Shield Spike

Interesting Transmog

None, mostly cheap greens.

Best Item

Plans: Iron Shield Spike


I allowed myself 1000 gold to begin, for use in listing fees and market resets, I reset the market on the Large Brilliant Shards and Linen Cloth, this Dungeon is pretty poor overall for gold, and while its fast, its gold potential is low and results in locking you out of other dungeons for 43 minutes.

Most of the Loot is also soulbound, so the only value you will get is vendor/disenchant value.

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