Forza Horizon 4 : Off to the Races!

Forza Horizon 4 : Off to the Races!
Racing XBOX

A little background

Back in 1999 I fell in love with Gran Turismo 2, I loved everything about the game, i ran it all from endurance to time trial,s but then my love faded as the Playstation One generation died so did my interest in console games outside of the Star Wars games by Lucasarts.

Grand Turismo A Spec never captured my attention and aprt form the occasional Mario Kart or Sonic Racing game, my racing games have been behind me for near 20 years.

The genre doesn’t interest me, and while i have reviewed a few games positively, they were never something i would actually buy or want to play, and then I met Forza Horizon 4.

Love Changes Everything

It was love at first sight, I hadn’t played game this authentic to the 1990s GT games now, at once my old racing reflexes kicked in and i was drifitng around the track, even managing to win my first 2 race vs other players.

The game looks gorgeous, there are side quests to complete, roiads to explore, and even the npcs look and sound gorgeous,k i was very impressed by the text to speech ability of the game, when an npc called me by my first name i was stunned, text to speech has come a long way since the days of Peedy the parrot!

She is looking good.

Its a rare treat to find a game that plays this well and looks this good at the same time, with silky smooth frame-rates on Xbox and PC, its a real treat for fans of racing games or driving simulators, the weather conditions all feel realistic and the scenery is second to none, the small towns and villages of the UK were captured perfectly.

Worth a play?

This game is 100% worth a play for fans of the racing genre, heck even for former fans like myself who havent raced in 20 years!

Xbox Game Pass

Do I prefer XBOX to PC? no I don’t and never will, however I cannot dispute the value of the XBOX Game Pass, with Xbox Game Pass and over 100 other games included its a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games for the price of a good beer.

But wait there is more, Xbox Game Pass is now also for the PC, finally I can play all my favourite games from Microsoft on my gaming Pc, Xbox One has its place but being able to play on my own rig? priceless!

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