Review: Battlefield V : FireStorm aka oh yay another Battle Royale :| PC

Now lets prefix this so the manbabies and incels can do something else, yes this is about Battlefield 5, yes we know it tortures your insides that they allowed women into the game, grow up and move along.

What’s it like?

Firestorm is one of the most unique Battle Royales around in 2019, it is not fast-paced like Blackout, nor is it a colourful extravaganza of skins and craziness like Fortnite, it lacks the tactical edge of PlayerUnknown battlegrounds, and despite being none of those things, its somehow manages to capture elements of all 3.

I heard its dead!

Well that’s kinda true, but also a total lie, I have been able to find matches at 4 am in UK, early morning, mid-afternoon etc. and while matches around peak are much faster, even off-peak matches in solo can be found within 5 minutes, and squad matches typically take around 3 minutes off-peak.

How does it play?

It plays like Battlefield, seriously did you expect anything else? I love Call of Duty and Battlefield, but Battlefield for me has the better gun-play, so for me, this is one of the best BR experiences I have had outside of Fortnite.

The game offers plenty of tactical opportunities, when playing a squad game I saw 4 players held up in a house, I knew they were armed to the teeth as they had downed 2 of my squad already, the fire was coordinated, and the sniper knew how to shoot, knowing in a straight-up fight I would lose, I snuck around behind cover to a rear window, jumped through, shotgun the front door guard, tossed a grenade into attic before waiting for it to explore and the rushing up to take out the remaining 3 wounded squad members, I was able to turn around a seemingly impossible fight against greater numbers and better position with only a shotgun and 1 grenade.

That is the type of clutch magic we need in BR games, and without them, games feel stale.

Lots of Skins

Some people hate skins, but I love them, while I never use or buy them myself allowing people who want to customise their look to be able to do so is a fantastic way to support development, with BFV having multiple update son the horizon its a game I hope stays around for years to come.

Battlefield V is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


This review was conducted based on the PC platform.

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