, Is Faeria, Worth Playing ?

Is Faeria, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Faeria is a solid game that does nothing overtly wrong and several things right, the living board is a nice touch, and overall the art style is gorgeous and shows an attention to detail that few trading card games offer.

There is always a big butt.

While Faeria is a very nice title, it doesn’t offer much that dozens of other hearthstone clones provide, and if I was going to invest into a trading card game, it would be Hearthstone, as Faeria’s tiny player base doesn’t offer much hope for long term survivability.

With games like Hearthstone and the digital version of Magic the Gathering controlling the market, it only had a fools hope to begin with

Faeria is rather well made but didn’t have the pull to take players away from the market leaders.

This is undoubtedly partially due to being “buy to play”, in a mostly freemium market.

Worth a buy?

No honestly it’s not, there simply isn’t enough value to be had with such a small userbase (sub 80 ccu), games like these are a long term commitment and knowing that one day you will only have bots to play against takes away from the experience.

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