Review: Royal Heroes : Inconceivable! PC

Inconceivable! Exclaimed like Vizzini was my first reaction to this game, to be frank, it is a mobile game that actually doesn’t suck, a game that I found myself wanting to play, with cute graphics and simple mechanics.

I found it played very much like a fantasy version of Gratuitous Space Battles and while Gratuitous Space Battles aren’t the height of strategy, its the type of game you find yourself playing for hours on end.

Battles played out very fast and looked relatively good for the genre, unit designs were retro 2D sprites and reminded me very much of RTS games like Warcraft 2.

The crafting system, while not overly deep, feels a bit like Minecraft, which was a lot of fun, forcing you to combine elements to discover new items that could be mass-produced your troops and heroes.

Kinda see the resemblance…

The gameplay is built around recruiting and levelling an army to progress along a quest chain.

You also have the option to reset your progress in exchange for new game+ retaining some heroes and top-level gear.

Honestly, this aspect I didn’t enjoy, it felt too mobile for a pc game, reminiscent of games like adventure capitalist etc.

While the Pc version has no noticeable “pay to skip “grind mechanics, you can see easily where they would exist on the pc version.

Worth a Play?

Overall it is a solid 6/10, not a game to replace any major strategy game in your gaming life, but certainly a fun time passer.


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