, Is Scary Girl, Worth Playing ?

Is Scary Girl, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC XBox One

Scary Girl is very much a throwback to the silver age of platformer, while lacking the retro charm of the early 90s golden age, the silver age was ripe with excellent titles and chief among them was of-course Rayman, with slightly edgy and rather Tim Burton creepy art design I was immediately whisked back to my childhood, in the days when a new game meant some flavour of platformer.

Graphically scary girl is gorgeous, and mechanically it plays exactly how you would expect a platformer from the silver-age to play, with quasi side-scrolling mechanics that are reminiscent of the golden age.

The one benefit games of the 2010s has in the area of additional polish and production values, something that games of the golden age had no hope of fitting on their tiny cartridges, and while my days of loving platformers are far behind me, I couldn’t help but pop in my Xbox controller and play for a while.

Games like ScaryGirl while having keyboard support, need the therapeutic feeling of a controller to experience them at their best.

Worth a play?

100% yes if you have a controller and are fans of silver age platformers, otherwise I suggest looking up game-play videos before you decide.

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