Dragon Kingdom War: Please no more Bejeweled games…

Dragon Kingdom War: Please no more Bejeweled games…
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I miss Yahoo messenger but…

Bejeweled was fine for its time, a flash game beloved on a million dodgy websites, we get it, everyone loved Bejeweled on yahoo messenger or “my awesome arcadez” but the trend of regurgitating it over and over, with a new wrapper by hundreds of small time indie  devs has to stop.

Aww Man here we go again.

This particular regurgitation is Dragon Kingdom War, a mobile-esque title that mostly consists of playing connection 3 and occasionally seeing some 2D dragon art or sexy myth lady take strobe light damage or being able to use cards to damage battle your opponent, its acceptable for a cheap mobile game but not the type of game that belongs on any major launcher, Steam really has to curate things like this, as it just clutters up the marketplace, and makes real games harder to find.

100% not worth a play.

This review is a little shorter than normal as frankly the game doesn’t deserve a long review, it deserves a sound spanking and to be sent to the corner to stew in its misary with other awful mobile > pc ports, failing that it should be walked naked through the streets as a bell is rung behind it and shame is chanted for all to hear.


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