Review: Eden Star: a day late and 99c short. PC

Its time to let go.

The concept of Eden Star is incredibly sound and the dedication the developer has put into keeping the game updated for over 4 years is highly commendable, but with all that said, we need to be honest here, Eden Star will never be a success with a daily peak CCU of  10 or less at the best of times and an average ccu of 1.8, the game has no future.

The developer has proven his integrity by updating this far, but I feel no honest or sane person could blame him for calling it quits and refocusing his efforts on another game/project as he has the skill and dedication to succeed, if given the right project to use them on.

Graphically it’s a pleasing game and mechanically its plays like every other unreal engine game, it’s even a bit smoother/better optimised than some.

An excellent idea, but too late to the market.

The power glove mechanic was really cool, and I feel if it had come at a different time, or brought a larger development team to the project it could have succeeded, but when facing juggernauts like Ark:Survival Evolved, Space Engineers and No Mans Sky, or even Indie cult classics like Empyrion – Galactic Survival, it directly could not compete and found itself without a player base, this point is made sadly evident by a historic peak ccu of only 102 players.

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