Wolfenstein : Youngblood

Wolfenstein : Youngblood
First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game XBOX

No its not SJW propaganda you moron.

This point cannot be stressed enough, the presence of female leads no more signals its SJW than a white lead makes a game right-wing, really both  viewpoints are extreme and are held by ridiculous people whom get equally triggered over nonsense.

For too long the majority of game protagonists were white males, and for some the balancing out of the genre by addition of non white/non male protagonists is seen as a hostile take over, despite white male protagonists still making up the majority of all protagonists in both games and traditional media.

If you feel this way you fall into one of two unflattering groups.

  1. You are a racist/sexist pig and your opinion means nothing.
  2. You lack the mental capacity for rational thought and are unable to see that having a small % of non white male characters in games doesn’t mean that white male characters are being persecuted against or that a SJW agenda is taking over, the diversity we see in games today is a reflection of the gaming community as a whole, and it was never just skinny white guys in their basements, rather it  encompasses people of all races, colours, creeds, beliefs, sexualities and lifestyles and protagonists must adapt to reflect that player-base.

The same can be said in reverse for those who feel every protagonist must be non white/non male or LGBT to be “diverse”, a character shouldn’t need to be a certain colour, sex or sexuality, whatever fits the role best is what it should be, and this applies to both groups equally when I say “grow up and play the damn game”.

But the twins are annoying.

Now if you said you found the twins annoying i couldn’t agree with you more, and gender has nothing to do with it, if the twins acted more like say Anya, Caroline or Grace there would be no issue, in fact Grace and Anya are some of the strongest supporting characters i have encountered in a FPS, gender irrespective, but as it stands the twins act like immature 12 year old boys, with gross humour jokes and a weird obsession with British mystery young adult novels.

When first introduced to the twins on their farm, and with their parents they were good characters that showed promise, but once on their own they turned into scooby doo level of “you darn meddling kids”.

With a little more emotional depth and a lot less acting like oxygen starved 12 year olds, i think the twins could have been something truly special.

The co op format of the game only worsens this as they wont shut-up making peppy statements to each other, and honestly if they were boys it would have been equally annoying to hear “you are awesome bro” every 5 seconds.

Its not Wolfenstein 3.

i am waiting for Wolfenstein 3 as much as anyone, i cant wait to see if Max Hauss is still around, i want to play as BJ as he broods over everything and survives multiple stabbings at every turn, i love the way they play and will always enjoy them, but Youngblood doesn’t have to play the same way to be good, and while combat is very different with an RPG flavor to it, i found the gunplay very enjoyable and the open world format a nice change for a spin off, I wouldn’t want Wolfenstien 3 to share these traits, but i will gladly take a sequel to Youngblood that plays the same way.

The Co-op elements are a lot of fun, and its a lot of fun to play with friends, so much so i bought it on both Xbox and PC, Cross play would have been nice, but with a very fair price tag of around £30 there is little to complain about.

Worth a Play?

I enjoyed it for what it was and while its not really a “Wolfenstein” game in the vein of all those before it, its still a very enjoyable homage to the series.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is out now for Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on both Steam and Bethesda launchers.

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