Atlas : 60 Hours playing with friends. PC

Ahoy mateys, I have returned to the seven salty seas of Atlas, a world of angry man babies and confused Ark players who think that only a season pass to Ark (with clearly defined contents) entitles them to own everything even remotely survival-related from Wildcard till kingdom come.

With that out the way, I will now chronicle my near three days (60 hours) playtime on the OverPowered Atlas unofficial server!.

A little too much

Right off the bat, I need to say that the boost rates on this server are too high to be thoroughly enjoyable for me.

Personally, that being said the vanilla rates of Atlas are a grind that requires a large company to balance out, there must be a happy medium somewhere, but as of yet, I have yet to find a server that is both populated and has an excellent balance boost wise.

I see… People!

Sometimes private servers can feel like ghost towns, but on OverPowered I never feel alone, the chat is active almost 24/7 and the discord is both friendly and extremely busy.

If anything I find the server, (despite being 7×7 grid) to be a little crowded, as finding a beautiful island can take several hours of sailing, which is a ramshackle sloop isn’t all that enjoyable!

Once finding our island, (which seems to be cursed…) we jumped right to work in building our base and fleet of ships.

Honestly, this is where Atlas shines, the building system is second to none and is the only survival game which I feel surpasses Conan Exiles when it comes to building.

This is where the fun begins!

Survival games are one of the best breeding grounds for creative misadventures and group activities, and Atlas is no exception.

These are just a few of the many misadventures my company and I had over the last 60 hours.

  • Finally, bola’d a rhino, after an hour-long trip and an island to island search we had one about to be tamed (90% complete) and… someones overly aggressive pet ostrich killed the darn thing.
  • While collecting flotsam from the sea with a grappling hook, our captain caught a shark and was pulled clean out of the boat.
  • One of our best gatherers found herself stuck in a crevice and a daring rescue mission was undertaken, resulting in the deaths of all involved, including our gatherer.
  • The player on the main speed sail took a bio break just as we ran into a fleet of 9 ships of the damned, while we survived.. we all took a nice swim in the cargo-hold as we struggled to patch our rapidly sinking schooner!
  • Our captain accidentally left behind our best diver after mistaking an NPC crew member for her and had sailed about 2 minutes away before we noticed she was missing.
  • After spending 2 hour preparing for a treasure hunt, back to back cyclones hit, grounding our expedition till all of us had to get offline due to IRL.
  • Building a galleon with over 60 cannons, only for it to sink despite taking no damage and not being overweight or over crewed… oh yes and it was anchored at the time!
  • Setting ourselves on fire while practising with fire arrows.
  • Losing three crew to an overly aggressive and unforgiving alpha monkey.
  • The company quartermaster and chef forgetting to bring food for the voyage and vomiting and groaning the entire time due to vitamin deficiency
  • Our sniper going blind due to overeating….a story best left untold.

There are hundreds of examples I could share, moments that no game developer could have planned for, or rather would have planned for even if they could, and yet these memories and the bonding the occurred will be remembered by my company and me for years to come.

I am excited to see what the next 60 hours bring, as we prepare to tackle the endgame Atlas has to offer!


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