, Is Earth Overclocked, Worth Playing ?

Is Earth Overclocked, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Gamemakers don’t work.

RPGMaker, Gamemaker, Game Guru, all these “engines” have one thing in common. They are hard to go beyond a simple title with and sooner or later you will wish you built your game on a real engine like Unreal Engine, Unity etc.

You will come to a point where either the engine cannot do what you need it to do, or the engines “simple GUI” has tricked you into thinking you are better than you are, that is until you hit a challenge that is beyond your skill set, and now you have a game that sold a few hundred copies, people who were demanding bug fixes and updates, and frankly you have no idea where to start in making the fixes/changes required, as the limitations of the engines and your skillset have left you up a creek without a paddle!

Little to say about the game

It is very much a standard game-maker game, a “twin-stick shooter” that is pretty alright and acts a lot like every flash shooter you remember from the mid-2000s.

It’s a well-made game maker game, but very much a Gamemaker game, it is unmistakable to anyone who has ever played games by any of the leading “game maker apps”, they all play like off-brand cola tastes, close to the real thing, but leaves a weird after taste.

On a better engine, I could have seen it doing very well, but when all is said and done…

A Round of Applause.

The developers while inexperienced and having chosen a poor engine did something very few of us will ever come close to, or even attempt and that was to release a game onto steam that managed to end its life with 86% positive reviews, a great achievement, and while it seems the team have sadly moved onto other careers, I feel they should be proud of what they accomplished here and what they almost accomplished with their second (and now cancelled) project Coded Universe, both while clearly rough around eh edges indie affairs, showed great promise, perhaps in a few years they will look at getting back into game development, I for one would be interested in seeing what they could come up with, given time and a suitable budget to work with.

Worth a buy

if you want to support the former developers sure, however, there are better and still supported games on Steam you could put your money into.

Earth Overclocked seems to have been bundled/giveaway around May 2019, due to the massive uptick in players, from a near three-year hour average of single-digit CCU (with few exceptions) to the games all-time high of 201 players in July 2019.

Due to this, there are many free/spare keys floating around the internet for those who want to give this title a try.


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